18 June – 30 July

Somerset-based artist, Lucy Willis, is a printmaker and watercolourist, who specialises in portraying exotic locations where the scenes are imbued with her sense of light and colour.

Lucy finds her inspiration on location and although she has connections to Greece, living and working there for a time, she has travelled extensively around Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where she leads painting groups capturing unique moments of life in those distant lands.

She has exhibited widely since 1985 and has won several awards for her artwork, including the prestigious BP Portrait Award at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Not only is she an accomplished artist, and workshop teacher, but she has also authored several popular books instructing on her watercolour techniques.

This exhibition will showcase Lucy’s watercolours and give us a taste of the beauty she finds during her travels over a range of locations.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 18 June and runs through to Saturday 30 July, on Wednesdays to Saturdays.